When its summer time, the best vacation is to the hills, and in the hills everyone knows the food you get is awesome. Whether you are in Mussourie, Manali or Mcleodganj, the maggi, momos and the paranthas you get there are delectable, and when your tongue lap-lapayi, how can you not go overboard, eating. In the chill, we passionately romance food, and the result is, a few kilos extra, and the most disgusting thing turns out to be the belly fat. So, how to drop a stone post vacations? Here are a few steps that you can follow easily and the result will surprise you.


Cleanse your system – Watermelon diet


You have to start with cleansing your system! How to do it is the question? Fasting doesn’t work as in summers you feel more drained out. Go for watermelons. A watermelon diet for a day and half will cleanse you and then kickstart your workout. If you can, then follow a watermelon diet for a week and you surely stand a chance shedding 2-3 kilos in no time.


Drink water – to stop unnecessary craving


Summers can suck the energy out of you; drinking water at regular intervals not just cleanses, but stops you from unnecessary noshing.


Cut down on sugar – call cinnamon



Cutting down on sugar is easily said than done. You pine sweetness! Replace sugar with not sugarfree but natural sweetners. The best is cinnamon. You can use cinnamon (not powder but the bark sticks) for tea, and you will not require sugar. Cinnamon’s sweetness gels well with tea.


No alcohol, please – drink lemon juice


Yes, yes, yes! No alcohol for a time being because booze is synonymous to calories. Instead, drink lemon juice without sugar, of course. And, if you are a sugar-baby, then top up the juice with pieces of fruits like melon, watermelon, apple and pomegranate. Yes that’s cocktail sangria of sorts.


Swim it out – see fish is lean!



It’s recreational. You burn calories, but don’t sweat, and even if you do the water takes it all. I sounded so stupid now, but that’s the fact, no one would come and say after swimming that they are feeling drained out. People skip gym sessions due to lack or no energy. Swimming rejuvenates.


Jog-walk – makes stomach light



Gyming is not everyone’s cup of tea, and there are reasons galore for that. But, brisk walking and jogging is easy. If you can’t get up early, try that you walk a bit post lunch. Thus, your stomach will feel light and not bloated, and you will also not feel sleepy sitting at the office in the afternoon.


Sweat it out – Plank it!



For heaven sake, do planks! Sounds funny, right! But seriously, there is nothing like planks. The postures are quite like yoga and it helps in many ways. Try out this unique set of planks to be in shape.


Early dinner to stay healthy



Not just waking up early assures healthiness, eating an early dinner too helps you in maintaining a fit bod. Now, you must be thinking that ‘I eat snacks at 6 or 7 and don’t feel hungry till 10. Read the next point to know what to do?


Make evening binging fun!



Fellas, for that evening craving carry fruits or digestive biscuits. Even a plate of plain panipuris will do. Kareena Kapoor’s dietician Rijuta Diwekar feels one can have panipuris as its light, watery and has spices like hing (asafetida) and jeera (cumin seeds) that helps in good digestion. Mmmm…


Have protein-rich diet – drink daal

Make daal your companion for the dinner. If you are having a bowl of daal, you will not feel like eating more rice or having an extra chapatti. Thus, you can cut down carbs.


Eat green – cucumbers are hit

Cucumber sandwich, cucumber raita, cucumber with Apple, cucumber with watermelon – all these are good combinations. In order to lose weight, your body needs roughage and fibre too.


Lastly, go curdy!

Sour cream

How? You can have sour curd in many forms. Buttermilk is the best form. Just whip some curd in mixer with fried cumin seeds and you get masala chaanch, best to have in the afternoon and even for dinners. You can also mix curd with a bit of rice and salt to have curd-rice, best to eat for lunch.


You know it well that losing weight is 70-80 percent exercise. Face it that to be a fit being, you must do some form of exercise. More you work hard, better for you. I would say start with eating sensibly, drink water and a bit of running, and you will be the change. Post-vacation weight is just 3-5 kilos and that’s a small figure. Feeling motivated? Now, move your butt!