Out of all the ‘trends’ that have taken over in Delhi, the one that seems to have had a major effect is the one on newly married women.


Now, we don’t have anything against the institution of marriage, we believe it’s the most pious institution a society can have, but for whatever reasons, the aftermath of marriage on a lot of women, particularly in Delhi, is what has caught our eye.


Let us elaborate.



We are talking about those women who fall into the category of sufficiently ambitious women, wanting to bring about a change, become the boss, and take the world over eventually, but then, they sign up for marriage.
And unfortunately, that changes a lot of things. Now, we are not saying that there are no responsibilities that one has to shoulder after marriage, because we understand, everyone’s life changes a little after marriage, there are more responsibilities one has to shoulder, and more things that one has to cater to, apart from the major transition that one goes through, both mentally and physically, starting right from becoming a Mrs from a Miss to literally moving out of your comfort zone and adjusting yourself into a brand new house and a brand new family. We understand how difficult that can be.


What we do not, however, understand is why most of these wonderful women don’t join back in to their respective workplaces after a much needed long marriage vacation. Okay, one possibility that we will, for sure, consider is the pressure some of these have to face by their families and/or (maybe?) in-laws to rather stay at home and take care of the household and the future children. But the other half of the lot is our frame of concern here. Now, these lovely ladies don’t continue with their jobs, but there is no pressure by any family member either, it seems. Rather, having lunch at a new restaurant every day , or probably trying out different spas every week, or spending however much the credit card limit allows, on shopping bags, is what becomes a priority for most.




Now, we don’t judge, but we believe that every woman has the right to be financially independent, and that every woman should understand the importance of it, no matter how much her husband earns for her. It isn’t about the money that one’s partner earns for one to spend at a club for sheesha/drinks, or for one to pamper oneself at spas, instead, it is about the satisfaction that comes out of swiping one’s own card off a machine, when one is aware that the money that is being swiped off has been earned on one’s own feet, and that they don’t really have to depend on their better halves for any financial assistance (not that it’s a bad thing, or is frowned upon). But isn’t this what the modern 21st century woman is all about? Being independent physically, emotionally, and financially and KNOWING what she’s worth?



Of course, the standard routine of getting up at 12, going for lunch at the nearest fancy restaurant, spending time shopping, getting a mani-pedi, and then catching up with others on dinner and drinks, sounds relaxing and extremely appealing, but for how long can you really keep that up? Everything turns into a monotony eventually, no matter how glamorous it sounds. And this can turn into something extremely dangerous because after a point, one realizes that all of this is never really worth it and that they pull it off only because they’re trying to fill a void in their lives, all in vain. And that void, dear readers, is what eventually pushes these lovely ladies to the ugliest sight of the dark side of the human mind- depression.


We’re not saying that this is solely the reason behind that, but what we do believe is that for the quintessential 21st century woman, it is extremely important for you to be financially independent as a means of having that as a constant reminder that you, in this big bad world, have an identity of your own; that God forbid, if anything goes wrong in your life, you are more than capable of supporting yourself and your family, if the need be; that you don’t have to depend on anyone else for your little things of happiness; that YOU can pamper your own self without anyone else’s help.


Of course, all of this sounds hunky dory in the beginning, when you don’t really have to work and all you need to do is look pretty, but will you really be happy being JUST an arm candy? Aren’t you worth so much more?


It might be fun swiping various cards off the darned machine, but trust us when we say this, happiness comes only out of the one that belongs to you.