Fitness plays a vital role in a child’s development and lays the foundation for the healthy and active life. Regular physical activity is essential to maintain fitness for all age groups especially the younger generations due to the constant rise of obesity and weight problems such as diabetes, asthma, heart disease among others.With the advent of gym culture, individuals from all age groups including the younger generations prefer working out inside gyms, fitness centers and health clubs rather than playing outside, surrounded by nature and not technology.

Gyms, in my opinion, are temples of narcissism and cathedrals to self-admiration which are replacing the practice of exercising in the open amidst the natural world. Gyms are building the convention where exercise is all about exercising with technology. The rows of treadmills, static bicycles, cross-trainers, weights, kettle-bells, power plates are replacing the nature, the natural sources of vitamin, weather which has an overall positive effect on the vitality, the sense of enthusiasm, mood and self-esteem. Human beings have inhabited the urban rather than the natural environment for a number of generations.

One thing that defines and identifies a gym from which no one can tear their eyes away is THE MIRROR. The gyms are nothing but all about mirrors. Everyone in the gym, draining out sweat, full of endorphins, staring at themselves. They are not there to maintain their health but they are there to make themselves look good because appearance is what matters for them.

Exercising outside comes with a number of benefits that go above and beyond the benefits you gain by exercising indoors from feelings of revitalization, decreased anger, increased energy and retaining fitness and preventing the increase in obesity. One of the most important advantage of working out in the open environment is sun exposure which provides Vitamin D- essential for a healthy immune system, bones and increase endorphin production which is paradoxical and beyond the bounds of possibility within the gym premises.  


Therefore, for children who are growing and developing constantly should prefer working out in the open rather than in indoors to be able to capture all that nature has for us. Exercising within walls not only confines your boundaries in navigating technology but also holds no scope for trying new errands and expanding you potential and abilities which is of utmost importance in an individual’s life.