Delhi University has a life of its own. While it does offer you some of the best cultural
festivals and societies, it also may seem like a zoo to you on your first day with countless of
people trying to find their way. A new phase, with a lot more freedom and new places to
discover, you will definitely meet these ten types of students who may or may not even
become a part of your clique.

1. The Future Miss Universe
Always on point with their clothes! They make you know all the new trends. For them,
College is the ramp and they are the models. Strutting through the hallways, they don’t need
to ask for attention, they automatically get it. You often wonder how they get the time to look
camera ready while you struggle to get out of your bed every morning.




2. The Vocalist
You’ll always find one in every batch.They have the talent and we love that they perform in
every cultural event because without them it would have been us on stage, embarrassing
ourselves, time and over again.


3. The Do-Nots
They complete their assignments on time and go home straight after the classes end. They
are the Do-Nots. If they see you smoking or making plans for a night out – beware – the
lecture starts or better yet, THE STARE. They are sweet to talk with, till the time they get to
know you aren’t that sanskari as you made them believe.


4. The Teacher’s Favourite
First one to raise hand, always ready to answer. You may have been familiar with them
during your school life. Well, even in college, they don’t change. While planning a mass
bunk, do not even try telling them because they’ll come to college, attend the class and let
the teacher know who initiated it. Trouble!!


5. The Slackers
“Oh. Is the internal today?” While you may see them in college, they might as well be
labelled as the most non-attentive. They are the biggest procrastinators and will never be on
time for any class or internal. They don’t believe in alarm clocks and the nights turn out to be
the time they party and the classes, their bed.


6. The Social Media Enthusiast
Selfie! Video! Boomerang! You name it, they make it. All the daily happenings of every
second goes into their social media accounts. A pro and a con, we always know where they



7. The Saver
From getting passes for the fest to helping you get your admit card, knowing this person will
help you get through a lot of problems easily. They are basically your “saviours” when it
comes to college life with their jugaads in administrative office and the student union.



8. The Bunkers
When teacher makes the roll call, you will listen to some names wondering if they have
changed college, but the time comes for exam, you’ll see them there for the first time in your
life sitting in front of you! They are the bunkers, living the life you always dreamt your college
life should have been.


9. The Philosopher
Offering you advice even when you didn’t ask for it, they are the ones who feel everything
way too deep. You will often find them reading a book or sitting in a corner pondering over
the meaning of life or well maybe what they’ll eat next.



10. The Temporary Best-Friend
Most commonly found in the first year, they may have been your first friend. You think you’ve
got that person now that will help you survive college life and but by the end of the first year,
you realise how wrong you were. Well as seniors say, “ You make a lot of temporary friends
in the first year.”


College life is not just about studying and completing internals but also about choosing the
right group of people to associate yourself with. Whoever you meet, whenever you meet,
make your decisions wisely and enjoy, that’s important.